Sometimes things die due to lack of energy... and so they must be replaced by old reliables, back to grainy goodness, back to alcohol drenched metalic might! Point your weathered eyed towards the horizon and seek land ye mighty phone!

The rediculous continues with challenges and questions on nothing in particular...its about can you do it? rather than why the fuck are we doing it in the first place?!?

And old men play old men on massive white sheets, jumping from top ropes to entertain the extras and the extra-extras : read all about it! Its worth a good read and definitely on the watch list for any into the physical scene.

And so there is nothing left to do in the night, no time left to enjoy the mornings, the quite, the teamwork and family feuds through thin walls which mask nothing but the visual - and even that is all in the head! Keep it quite ye young ones im trying to sleep in!