<a href="http://intheblackbox.bandcamp.com/track/glitter">Glitter by In The Black Box</a>

<a href="http://intheblackbox.bandcamp.com/track/deep-pit">Deep Pit by In The Black Box</a>
<a href="http://intheblackbox.bandcamp.com/track/park-drive-east-live-jam">Park Drive East (Live Jam) by In The Black Box</a>

Going...and we hit the end of the song. Sure it sounds like all the rest. I need to get these elbows back in shape and reinvent the physical. Sending vibrations by the way of dirt and grime...the snail of the stars. So who are you? these words on a page, asking for me to change things, asking to lend my ears and to take a chance...to take the time to respond... to surprise with super hyper vibration movement ... to break all tradition... to actually take a chance and let it happen. 


And i was in that reflection...new faced.. with that little bit more. What will be taken back.. what will have been gained, that is what we will throw into the mix. I expect it to be the same, i want it to be altered just ever so slightly, with a chance of anything.


So give those words a listen and the music a read.. there is so much pinned on it.



......and all it takes is a little flick.