Yet another, and i know i said i wouldn't but it's getting better i promise. And things are being done now, i feel achievement in the normal world again. As for the real world however progress continues, new vibrations on the moments, new flows created through thoughtless patterns and instinct. I am happy to be within this again...surrounded by the fresh, the personal vibrations that seem so foreign to me...crackle crackle but i don't mind...the feeling is there... this one is right...this one hits the spot right now between my head and the light.

As for the vibrations hier, we need to remember that my protest is a protest against protesting. I witnessed the march yesterday by the professors and students against the governments decision to cut costs on certain aspects of education in France. We all need to dig in, times are going to get harder for everyone and it wont get any better if tough messures are not taken to minimise the damage. These protests are not helping. Counter productive, simply a chance to let off steam because deep down everyone knows that there is nothing that can be done here. .. we gotta swallow a bitter pill and dig our heels in. 

My dislike of the irrational protest culture in this city was further fueled when i climbed aboard the metro on the way home later that day. In the doorway sat a drunk homeless man unable to stand up due to total delirium. What shocked me most was my own lack of reaction...Ive grown accustomed to this now, something which at home would simply have never lasted, somebody would have acted somehow. Yet there i was, near to stepping over him in order to get onto an already packed metro with Parisians reading their books and watching the air whizz by their faces as this man sat empty on the floor not inches away from them. And they protest about wage cuts? There are some things that need fixing, and can always be fixed regardless of economic situations or political stand-offs...these people are killing themselves daily right in front of the eyes of these people yet nothing is done. Nobody is fighting for their next meal or bed to sleep on. This man pulled himself to his feet and fell the instant the metro moved. But for myself and another two men (simply because he fell on us) he would have fallen right over, and once vertical he continued to fall over in the opposite direction grasping aimlessly for something to hold onto. But of course his hand falls upon the emergency stop lever... only then did people take notice of this man as he grumbled and chatted aimlessly to nobody. The driver did his best to console the man enough to get him out of the way in order to turn off the alarm and get the train moving again. He fell out of the train at the next stop...and we moved on to the next station - it should have been called "Gare de Denial". Everyone returned to their papers and their air watching and nobody said a word, nobody even looked at each other. 


As for today. Met friends i had not seen for awhile, another day in a classroom, another night in the worlds eye.