I was down taking some shots of the Baths in Blackrock. I was struck with how it was so run down yet still charming. So charming in fact that the waterfront around it was full of people eating their lunch and watching the waves brush the coast. The area around the entrance to the baths is now covered with a thick layer of sand and shells. The door is found down a small gap between the Bath wall and the dart station. Graffiti lines the walls, so much so that it has become a mess of colour rather than displaying any words or shapes in particular. The steel doors have long since been sealed and even they have succumbed to a new colourful paint job. The Diving tower stands strong at the foot of the baths looking over Dublin bay. Seagulls hang out on the top most railings, while the metal appears to slowly but surely fall apart as its paint is stripped by the seaside weather. The baths, even in such a dilapidated state are fondly seen as the defining feature of Blackrock on the Dublin coastline, its resilient diving platform, soiled from head to toe in bird shit, stands proudly on the seafront watching the tide go in and out while the rest of the world gets a face-lift.

Perhaps it was inevitable that this Dynamic would come across so disorderly and confusing, especially in comparison to the relative cleanliness and modernity of the Becket Bridge.