I took a stroll down to Dun Laoghaire with my camera in hand as I had done many times before, and some of the fruits of my labour were seen on here a few weeks back. Well I finally got around to forming a dynamic of the images I took that day. The Marina in Dun Laoghaire has gradually become one of the most impressive in Ireland over the years. One of the improvements has been the construction of two or three new breakwaters within the main harbour walls to allow for the safe mooring of all the private boats. These breakwaters are slightly less visited than the main piers, and can offer a welcome break from the crowds while at the same time giving you a new perspective on the harbour as a whole. A mesmerising vertical pattern is created as you peer through the forest of masts that sit in the marina. Each one creating a unique rhythm as its lines slap against the wood and metal, forming into a uncoordinated ripple of sound that bounces off the water. On this day the sun was shining relentlessly against the coming Autumn and while there was a brisk wind off the sea the sun kept the hands warm (only in Summer!).

The light bounced off the rippling water as it lapped against the inside of the breakwater. This created an endlessly fluctuating pattern for my camera to catch for a few minutes. In my head now it is these two things that strike me most about that visit to the marina. The sound of the water and the masts.. working in tandem with the reflections off the waters surface, rolling beneath the sea breeze.

Once again the sheer aesthetic confusion created by both the endless masts and the seas dancing patterns lends itself to a more confusing yet stimulating Dynamic.. like that of the Blackrock Baths.