Hair is an important thing
So at some point i had to cut it.... it was gettin a bit wild. I had not but said two words to the big guy (Frankie that is, My Dean)had he suggested that i take maybe a couple of inches form the orderly mop i had oozing from my scalp.
The thought of it wasnt horrible, i mean i wasnt hung over the fact that i would have to cut it all day long; writing notes of longing into my homework journal and drawing pictures that say "Dave loves his hair"......... no im not obsessed, im just sentimental.
For my hair is kinda like a constant at the moment.....
I nearly choked on it the other day! Note for the long haired!!!!! Never run while hair is flailing aimlessly infront of your open mouth, upon breathing in deeply one might swallow said hair and suffer quite a horrible death, luckily i survived to live another day but the memory remains.
And i miss those memories now.
"Well, Its not like it wont grow back!". I really hate that line! When your mother is brandishing a sharp impliment to your head and chewing away at a clump of hair to no avail, you try not to freak out!!. I asked her, "So have you got any idea what your doing?"......silence and a muffled giggle quickly followed and she struggled to squeeze out a painful "!" between gritted teeth, holding back the fits of laughter... "when you have seen it done a thousand times like i have you learn a thing or t....." a sudden silence..................................
"something wrong?" i ask hessitently
"'ll just take more off this side......." more silence....."you wanted it short.....didnt you darling?"
Like i said hair is an important thing.......

Ah well,
s'pose it'll grow back eventualy!