This is the kind of thing that we all REALLY have emails for... those random times when you recieve the most obvious bit of spam mail into your normal account that just screams "this is bullshit, your money i want!" (bad grammar included...)

Im not even going to warn people against this email... if somebody was to fall for this they deserve to lose everything!


"I am MR Isaac Caleb bank manager of BOA Bank in Burkina faso.I would like you to
indicate your interest to receive the transfer of 10.5 M Dollars. I will like
you to stand as the next of kin to my late Descease customer whose account is
presently dormant, for claim this is a very serious issued i am assureing you
that this transactrion is real , Once again i want to beg you in the name of
GOD not to let me down as soon as this fund hit in to your bank account.
I am a family man with the fear of GOD i train up my children in way of ALMINTHY
Best Regard
Awaiting to hear soon
MrIsaac Caleb"