Ill tell you where...just not here, yet! Got you hard between the reciever and the truth and I am shining light into the black slips of money and sound.


Then there is threw it away with the most important words and the longest silences...dead sound...send that email....take that chance...forget the consequences they say?


Another option we jest at corner stones and flags marked evil getting the picture are we? i hope true is that sound on you going and coming having no idea and trying all the same just let the rhythm take over and think not abou tthe options fopr the good and the ready have no forging to get done and realise what indeed you have written and why you are writing it for there is reason in all of this reason to believe and to greet the new and the old and the gooding and bading have we reached another level of this where and why and what who have they? i didnt know that i never know anything before it happens right in front of my face and even tho the funds are low and good vibrations will rattle of empty pockets where the rattling will definitely occur we will still groove with big smiles and seizing the night the skys willl fill once more with dark shining lights...and the box will be full to the brim and ready for action once more


yes they are coming...just not here yet