This is a place that i wish i could return to... From a bus window.. there was a light breeze pushing the grass around..and i watched its footprints lead away from the road... along the meadow to where a family were walking... a man and woman, her dress rolling gently in the currents.. the little boy pulls against his fathers grip... enchanted by the expance before him, the unknown.. to be free and follow the wind, let it take him up the hill...towards the sun, flaring round the corners of the ancient ruins... atop this hill...sitting and waiting.. i want to go there again, and let the wind sing me up to its walls... i want to close my eyes and hear the world around it...the moving world...around this eternity... an eternity... somebody's golden statue... somebody's eternal echo, forever heard but its origins long forgotten... and i would stand there in the middle, waiting to hear the past.. 

and the bus rolled on.