<a href="http://intheblackbox.bandcamp.com/track/thirst">Thirst by In The Black Box</a>

Just in the shadow stood........Representative... been there seen that. And everyone slouched around him, and everyone understood the light blue.

Hazey liquid, looping in air turbines... twisting wet tongues around every limb... pulled up and around we lose ourselves in the fabric.. lose ourselves in the bubbling everyday music... the urban and suburban music, the slow rhythmic predictable... the even handed sanity of it all... the 4/4 groove... nothing changes and nothing needs to change..

And i stood attempting to give him the respect he deserved... the grey air whispering the truth.. all as the groove let loose another punishing power.. another wave of electricity..

And gurgling it down week by week... we hesitate at the struggle and ignore the easy. It's never more than another piece of earth in the furnace... it's never more than that.