There was yet another place I had to venture... cold and wet had never been so accommodating. The cool vibrations of Jazz and Revolutionary Funk, Southern Soul that would chill your heart.

I must break out of the mould... it is holding me down. And now that the beast has been slain, crawling green out of a hole in my head, the insane can catch their 100 z's and lay another tune down to shed light on 10 years to come.

A mark has been made in the sand and goals are forever to be reached... only way to have it when your spitting fire and screaming nothing into outer space.

Everything floats equal there... speed is everywhere.. nothing to stop you, there is nothing. And we sit on white floors looking at black ceilings.. picking out the favourite million year old specs.. wondering what it feels like to stand or even just be beside that. Is there a noise there? Does everyone still want to drink tea even when they are orbiting Arcturus?

At any given moment the eclipse is about to happen... we just don't realise it's not that big of a deal