Hi all...

Been awhile since i sent an update so let me fill you in on all that has been happening.


You may have noticed that the website at www.intheblackbox.eu has undergone a fairly significant facelift in the past few months. Now the site is better than ever and full of cool stuff to listen to and read... as well as look at... and stuff.

This is great since now we can feature all of In the Black Box's output in one place rather than all over the place...

We are going to continue growing our site and filling it with content and music/art related information. In the Black Box has never been as active as this before... and things are only going to get better. So make sure you drop in to the website every few days to see whatelse is on offer.


Its business as usual, and the last couple of months have seen the release of 6 new tracks.
These tracks are now available for you to listen to on the webiste under "IN THE BLACK BOX" on the menu or "ARCHIVES 2010"

or if you are real clever you will just click the following links...

March - Flat Top

February - Chances

January - Island


For the first time photographs from In The Black Box will be available and constantly updated on the website as they are uploaded to the internet. You can find all of the latest photographs under "PHOTOGRAPHY" on the site.. or at http://www.intheblackbox.eu/photography


www.dirtyradio.org has blossomed into a beautiful radio shaped flower in the ast couple of months. The site has never looked better and the music on it is nothing short of incredible.
The Black Box Radio Show is still going strong with more listeners than ever. These shows go out live every Sunday at 7pm GMT and are then available as a podcast on the site and also at www.intheblackbox.eu.

The show itself has developed into a very dynamic showcase of new and established artists from around the globe. Its hundreds of listeners are also from all corners of the earth, so keeping it in mind when you tune in that the world is listening... it may be a good idea to send me a shout out during the show or in the weeks running up to it... and if you have music you would like me to hear send it to my soundcloud dropbox!!! at


I would like to that the ever expanding fans of In The Black Box and its many forms for keeping in touch and showing your support over the last few months.. its all noticed and appreciated.. makes a huge difference!

Stay in touch and keep visiting the site for more new updates and what not...

Till next time!