I was standing under the trees to shelter from the lightest of rainfall. It was golden sunlight that lit the sheets of floating water, iwas happy to watch it from my green refuge, the light was shining through the leaves behind me and above a drop would fight its way through the foliage every so often wetting my hair. The rain gave a hum that i couldnt hear but could see in the space between me and the furthest point. And in my ears were bullets in conversation, jumping, that was a good moment with mother nature.

She is in headphone heaven. Pill boy pops between swigs, train to the centre. Make it last this time, song never end, make it last or let him wake up in clean clothes and the original brain, nothing like it is now, pill boy to the centre of the earth, the heart.

I would hear the DMC videos and you know it would go from there.. It was never easy in the winter when the snow would freeze over the aerial.. Field dynamics dont underestimate the infnite perspective, rollng steel vectors to the west and digging the natural earth grooves, ys on tour and six bucks a beer, nothing like a sprite and a bud before breakfast, just bring that home in a golden groove... Run alongside, as fast as possible, keep up run along.. Deep grooves, you dont forget that face young to old, there were a lot of young djs in detroit that were just djs, single tree, field dynamic, far out perspective point. Car drain, filterthe movement

Music ripples through no noise, nothng but the reactions that result. And now through the wall the whole world continues and i exist in stasis waiting for the last breaths of this, the longest of days squeeze from out of my weary lungs.. Disk man take me to that higher state of consciousness.

A day when ideas dig deep into the brains of thosd around us. Dont let this one go, dont let it beswallowed up by the wants of futile desires. Ambition breathes life into long years and there will be many to withstand over time. Consider ambition and dont forget that it is always to be done.... Without question

Just waiting till the right time to close up and give in to the needs.smothering him in envy the serpent circles territory afraid of the intentions of its enemies. Yet nobody was here to invade

And we wonder how it will all work out, this new thing,

Dammit give in and dont threaten me behind a smile - you are irrelivant