So, you will notice that I have been mainly only posting my podcasts on the site. This is as much a result of life as it is a cunning plan...

I thought it was about time I updated everyone on what has been happening with In The Black Box and what will be coming up later this year and into the next.

As you know, for the last few months I have pulled back a lot on what I have been releasing music wise. I can assure you that there is a lot of work going on in the background. I have been working hard to produce some of my best work.. with mixed success... but never the less what comes out (when it comes out) will be a true reflection of what In The Black Box is all about and hopefully it will be worth a brief and enjoyable listen (at least!).

You will also notice some significant design changes on the website. I have recently tried to simplify the website and make it easier to understand. This is also designed to reflect the reduction in new content since i know that there will not be as much posted here as per usual. But hopefully it will make it easier for you to find the latest podcasts, and in time the latest new music!

On the topic of podcasts, I am continuing with my podcast series on DirtyRadio and recently passed the 50show mark! I think it is only right to thank Mike and everyone at for giving me the chance to get the show off the ground and allow it to grow like it has! Make sure you tune in on Sunday nights and listen to the latest podcasts on and on

I've also been working hard on the photography end of things, and you can check out my latest work on the site is under construction in many ways but should be an enjoyable experience at any rate.

Recently I have been DJing on and off at Antidote in the Mezz on Friday nights... we have had some real good nights there and big shout out to the Antidote crew for that opportunity.

Recently you will notice we had a couple of guest posts from our international friends over at bringing us some music news from across the pond! Big up to John for those posts and hopefully i will find the time to return the second favour soon! ;)

So there is a lot of stuff going on here with In The Black Box. Make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter by clicking on the icons on the right... and keep visiting this site for all the info you need!