This has become an annual thing, commenting on what the year has brought to the table - I guess it is only natural.

So, as per usual, its pretty late (early!) and I have thrown a bunch of this years tunes into a playlist while I write... Something to stir the senses while I *briefly* go over what In The Black Box has gotten up to in 2010.

So lets just throw it all out on the table:

January - Summer: I continued with my usual process of creating short compilations of music every month. What resulted was a collection of individual songs that I feel had come a long way from those early days in 2004 when the then unnamed In The Black Box was taking shape.

Perfect - I love this

Laurent Garnier takes notice of "Zebra" a track I produced in January 2010 and it later features it on his internet radio station's playlist for 3 months.

It was clear that I was producing less work per month but that the quality was no doubt getting better, and the feedback I was receiving from listeners on Soundcloud and elsewhere was suggesting that I was on the right track. So I decided to stop everything! Stop the monthly compilations.. stop releasing new material every week... just stop... take my time... get it right..

So in April 2010 I released In The Black Box Vol.1 and ceased nearly all music activity online. That is not to say I stopped producing music. No since then I have been working on a selection of new tunes that I hope to have ready for your ears by Summer 2011.. It is now not about quantity but quality. As cliché-ed as it may seem, it sort of felt like everything up to the start of 2010 was practice.. and by the time I had finished work on "Mediate" I could hear that things had changed and it was time to stop practising and produce something new and fresh, something I can build on for the future. So that's what I have been doing.
.... and it is all to come! If you want to hear a little something I have been working on make sure you check out an early version of "Coil" on my podcast Black Box No.57 ... but other than that you wont be hearing much till it is all ready.

Black Box on DirtyRadio
I have completed nearly 30 podcasts since the start of the year with I celebrated one year on the air in May and by the time summer came around I was broadcasting for 2 hours live every Sunday. I would like to thank Mike and everyone who has been tuning in and giving me feedback from around the world! Every week I get 100's of downloads from listeners of every nationality and it really keeps me in good spirits to know that people are enjoying the music I have to play. I will be back on the air in 2011 with #58 full of all the usual shit.

Photography, Art and
This year started on a wave of pure happiness after the success of the Visual Arts Society Exhibition in Trinity College where my work was purchased for the University's Modern Art collection and now hangs proudly in the new Long Room Hub Building on the campus. This made me think harder about my visual work, and since then I have worked hard at developing and practicing not only my photographic work but also digital and video works - encouraging me to set up
I began working on a digital project I have provisionally named "Dynamics" involving audio and visual portraits and landscapes. This work is ongoing, however it has resulted in a growing series of collages that were produced from the latter part of the Summer to the present day. "Beckett Bridge" and "Blackrock Baths" received encouraging praise at the Vis Arts Exhbition 2010 and again at the DUPA (Dublin University Photoraphic Association) Exhibition a week later. There are plans afoot to set up an individual exhibition in Dublin in 2011 - an exciting prospect! Be sure to stay posted here and at for any info if it actually happens!

DJ and Live Work
I kicked off 2010 performing and DJing at a mates house party for the new year.. Gigs however took a back seat until late in the summer when I began DJing a few nights at Antidote and other venues. Live work was put on hold while the laptop had a melt down and while I worked on new material, but this was happily replaced with my involvement in Exhibitions and the like throughout the year.

The Future and other crazy concepts
There will of course be plenty of podcasts and photographic work hitting the websites while I also work on the new music and my video/photographic collages. The new...dare i say EP will be a big event of 2011... I can only hope that I will be happy enough with my work to put it out there. Maybe we will have a party?!?

I think I should put a special note on the fact that this is my last year of studying Art History as an undergraduate.. but through all this time I have found my work as a student and as In The Black Box has had some sort of link... and while I have been keen to keep these things separate they will inevitably collide very soon... so I may be letting you in on a few of my ideas pretty soon... big audio visual projects that i have in mind... huge commitments... EVERYTHING MASSIVE!!! But that is for another day.. suffice to say that things will be coming together in very exciting ways.

New Years Resolution - Write more ...