So far this weekend I've been working on some new visuals that are going to link in quite nicely with the music I have been keeping secret from your ears the past few months. But fear not there is a grand plan behind all of this.

I got so into the new visuals I decided I couldn't hold it back any longer and have let a little something out of the box. So dig your ears into some of this .. its all very raw.. but you'll get an idea.. if there is even an idea to get?? I'm as lost as you right now.

But trust me there is a whole load of new material just waiting to be heard and seen. Once I get a good run at the Summer this stuff is going to blow a hole in your head and leave you dance happy in the Sun... at least thats the plan anyway!

Keep a close eye on the site... things are going to be changing.. developing... and new tunes are only around the corner.

Nearly too much to hold on to now.

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Check it out!