Hello All!

Well I have been extremely busy lately, and it is only set to get worse as the shit hits the fan next week, but the cogs are in motion to have the first solid release from In The Black Box in almost a year. We will be releasing a selection of short EPs over the summer with the first promising to be a proper House fix.

Nothing is promised, but if all goes to plan the first EP will also be accompanied by a selection of videos tailor made for the songs... expect some previews over the next two weeks and a full release in June.

In the mean time remember that we have a whole load of music for you to listen to over in the music section of this site. All free downloads for the album, (or your nicest offer!) with nearly 3 hours of quality electronic tunes.

No doubt the last year has been incredibly frustrating as other things in life have kept me too busy to fully commit to the music/photography that I am used to providing on a monthly basis. However in that time i took the decision to spend more time working on individual tracks, leaving them for a while and coming back at a later date to see how they have grown. What has resulted is a selection of music that is varying in styles and sounds... some are easier to listen to than others I will admit.. however they all have their place, and this summer they shall finally be ready for everyone to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy what is to come and join me when I finally get my act back together and hit the clubs and bars again with my live show. I am also currently working on something a little different that is more live orientated, so I encourage you to stay tuned and spread the happiness to whoever cares to listen.

Thanks for your patience and for the lend of your ears over the past few years.

It's all happening.