Today I made my first post to this blog in nearly 2 months. Reflecting that inactivity, the post consisted of a podcast recorded on June 12th for Dirty Radio... old news.

So what has been happening and why has it taken so long for the In The Black Box beast to reawaken and write these words.

Well needless to say I've been doing other things, life has changed and my presence on the internet has had a bit of a rethink. Yes I have been cheating on this website with another blog... I am a user.. a website whore with no good bone in my body, I know! The shame of it all is overwhelming.

However I am hoping that you my users will come to understand why I have been doing this.

Since I finished college in May I have been working on getting myself employed with a prospect for real money, the sort of money that you can exchange for goods and services. My search for this pot of gold proved extremely elusive and by mid-June I had reserved myself to sad fact that employment was not going to come easy. So I did what any sane human being would do... I made some toast. And then I set up a business. is a venture that grew out of my own intentions to set up an art blog where I could continue writing about art and art history beyond college... keeping my eye and mind for art sharp, in case someone ever challenged me to some nerdy duel, if you will.

I spent two months designing the website from the bottom up, trying out ideas, failing, then trying them again and gradually succeeding... it was a long process. What resulted was a website devoted to promoting Arts activity in Ireland through the use of Social Media and on-line media of all types. By encouraging others to tweet and write about events we would then promote these voices in a discussion... esentially providing a place where otherwise scattered views on specific events and topics could be heard in one place. That place is

As a result of all of this work, and actually finding some paid work in the mean time, I was forced to abandon my daily posts to this blog. Yet I would return often, checking out that everything was still working OK and people wouldn't be viewing a pile of crap in a putrid corner of the web..

I intend to maintain this blog however. But It will become less of a blog and more of a professional band page.. something it ought to have been from the start really. A place where my music, personal writing and photographic/video work can have a proper home. I may even keep the podcast here, but either way that will always be available over on DirtyRadio, and is something that I never want to give up on.

This website is nearly 6 years old now.. and In The Black Box, as a personal initiative, is about 8 years old by my calculations... it is close to my heart and the single longest thing I have ever committed to. The changes that are coming are only going to strengthen and focus my creative output.. while my music and art reviews are set to continue on a website that is more appropriate.

In the coming months will take on a new look and will be integrated seamlessly with . No longer will the two be separated, and finally all of my creative processes will have a clean and dynamic home on-line.

I am very sorry for the web silence over the past while. I encourage you to find my writing over on from here on out. And return to this website for all new podcasts, music, photography and videos. The process is only beginning and there is some great stuff round the corner.

I personally cannot wait.

Will you be there?

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