Let's get one thing straight. It always goes down this way.

Once it is decided the idea of stopping the process is not desired. This is not a complete flow. Distracted by the want to begin on something new. Platforms and cans of it. Wrap your eyes around the visions, ideas, desires and last chance saloons. It is all in there between the fingers and keys waiting to be emptied onto white expanses trees and fellow walls are full of the same impulsions. We all got to the line at the same time, we all want to get to the next one before the last person speaks up and pulls the whole shit down on our heads. Get there first and lord it over the rest. That is what they all want you to do. That is what is always on the minds of the many who sit around twiddling their thumbs. They are the ones who like like they do the least, but in reality they have the greatest ideas. They are unafraid to express even the wierdest of ideas. The weirdest of ideas are usually the ones that change the face of history, push the earth onto a new axis. Create an absolute black hole in the middle of what is expected.

Just twiddling their thumbs. Thinking. Endless thinking. And at the end of it... an idea.

In the mean time they do this. and it always goes down this way. So let's get to it now that that is straight.