Breaking new ground through red tops on city streets. Engrained with the chit chat of friendly faces in large windows of shop fronts. This is how it was and used to be. Keep it going. Don't let it stop. Don't let us realise where things have changed.

We're so eager to deny the present, so eager to keep looking back, keep all the good memories. Keep it safe and to the fore at all times.

Nobody chooses to remember the rest.

And when things stop working the life is readjusted and refitted to work accordingly.Don't need it, never did. Want it and won't do to have anything else. It is conflicted. The latest old version keeps sleek design and cool. It shows its purpose.. it IS what it looks like. Not just a blank face.. a blank canvas.. designed to look like everything at once - a guitar, a piano, a notebook, a tabletop... everything but what it is.. or what it was before the needs (or wants) of the many turned it into an abstract slab of matter..

Something that can do everything.. Our companion, they say... the answer to all of life's problems. Still called after its ancestors but with little or nothing to do with it.

It will win the election, mow the lawn.. a cure-all for the 21st century. Step right up... step right up