Breaking new ground with public utterings of these things unsaid in the most public of places. That is a good move in the grand scheme of things rather than wondering for ever if anybody gets how the mind works it always good to just be up front and let them know.

The Plural should always be spelt correctly. Little red lines of evil!

A constant urge to find the next thing to work on. Runs in the bones and blood and keeps the mind healthy, but forever engaged and weary. Ultimately it will tear it apart. Especially on those long hard evenings when there is nothing left, especially time, with which to work for. Also tied around the worries and constant questioning of every day phenomena.. that which others will partake in.. the unsaid.. the elephants in every room.

The mind sits and stares at the obvious.. knows all. Tells nothing. Like it should. Keeps itself sane and unbalanced at the same time. Ponder over one thing for too long and it will tear the mind apart bit by bit. Instead release it on something and build upon it.. Let it into the light.

Then harness every bit. Use it.

That is when it makes sense.

Waiting for the noise to finish this.. faraway thumps suggest the end.

I was in a room with Pirates.. I was a pirate. We were discussing our union amidst a major celebration of youth and music. A massive rave in the garden. A humongous rave in the club and beyond the walls. Lasers and thumping music. Everyone was having a great time. Inside we discussed the conditions and I found myself full of frustrated yet demanding voices. I commanded the room to be silent, I remember thinking to myself that I sounded mildly annoying and definitely forceful... but I was surprised at its effect. I had no respect for anyone in the room, but neighther did they for me. It was a mutual distaste.. yet I was trying to convince them to doa good, change their ways... I struggled to find the word.. eventually another pirate (my brain) reminded me... Vigil Ante... that is what we could be. Outlaws for the greater good. The scary force that does the dirty work where the law has failed to deliver. But I knew deep down that they were just using me to hide their intentions behind a nobel face. I knew it but I wanted to work with it.

The most shocking thing was the noise, the loud thuds that came twice like explosions outside. Every pirate ran to find out what it was. But it was nothing.

The sound was like three glass explosions. The volume of a truck of glass depositing its load on a concrete floor. Keys smashing against a glass window.. Perhaps it was happening in reality and I failed to notice. The Pirates returned to their discourse. I woke up.

I knew it had been a dream.