In the thick of it now. Realising at the last moment where your heart really lies in front of crazy noses and blue bridges. They had something tangible to express... They knew they were changing the world with every brush stroke. It is brilliant o see... Brilliance on canvas. You try and capture that same feeling but the world was a different place then. You really have to look deeper to hit that same level of ingenuity and freedom of expression. There are no borders now, no limits, no lines to go over. It is easy to find a voice and express it... So easy that everyone is doing it.

To shun the tools at our disposal is to be seen to be a purist... Some sort of lover of the old... Somebody who has no love of the new. It's is total crap. What is most sad is the disposable nature of so much that we invest our time in now. Even on the scale of architecture we are looking at massive constructions with no belief that it will exist in the years to come. We don't think about the legacy because we know how easy it can be removed, replaced and forgotten. Whereas we are so determined to protect what has come from the past because it is worth it... Every mark on this world should be considered permanent until proven otherwise. Sit down and think about what you Are at! Don't just hit a button and think that it will solve everything. Look over, rehearse, repeat... Develop and learn. Creativity is not a click away. Everything you love took time.

Lots of time.

Today I saw two men leering out of a gold shop doorway harassing women as they passed. Gold smiles and watches hanging off their faces... The kind of faces you wouldn't trust for love nor money. "How you doin' darlin' ?"

The kind of face ....

I also saw a man peering, troubled out of a window. First floor out onto the street. In front of him two men were parting ways from a bar entrance, the leaver smiling nervously and backing away into a bollard that hit him square between the legs. The man in the window saw it all happen but not even a flinch on his expression. He looked blankly into the glass seeing nothing but his thoughts.