Another few days of this and it will all be for something else. I get that desire to create for myself rather than another and it wrecks the soul to see more opportunities pass away. I have a clear idea on how to bring it all back together again like it used to be. To have one place to visit when I need to put my ideas forward into the world. It is this place... And another place... It is about bringing them together and not over complicating things.

It is about finding these moments in the interim when I know I can just let out some thoughts. And then when I have a second I can elaborate on a significant step forward. A real statement.

A journal.

A portfolio.

A record.

An index.

A calling card...

All in one place.

Important things I need to do to make it all possible?

Find time to do all of this on a daily basis. Remember that you are more than one thing and each element needs to be focused on in its own time. But not exhaustively.

Put time aside. And stop caring so much about the other stuff... Say no.

Stay sharp.

Sketch. Draw. Write.... Then the other stuff will begin as a result of that. It is always a starting point.