Whistling wind. White sticks in blue landscape scraping horizons on blue canvas. Vertical slits in the peaceful yonder. The wind howls reminders. Don't stop.

Rattling through every hole in the spectrum of light this does not cease to easily. I was here once in the dark, nearly alone, watching the rain come down in relative calm. And now... Fresh... Life rejuvenating... This wind is ceaseless wonder. Scraping horizons with white sticks on blue canvas.

Ultimately I a, searching for an outlet.. Disappointed with ,y recent effort. The wind, shakes and rolls like my intentions, constrained by a greater power. Yes I need that space and time... But you know it is all in your mind waiting to be released. Intentions require nothing more than effort. Give it.

There is something building. A new phase... The gap has been beneficial in showing the faults and the brilliance of before. Clearer ideas lead to better results but it is easy to forget the effort that went in before. Something is building... A new phase. A phase that will bring a lot of this together... Something that will satisfy this wind.

I just wonder if it is more or less important than the rest...

I want something fresh.

A today something new will go out.