The last few days have been spent preparing my tools,
It sounds as good as it ever has, no unnecessary hum, no crackle against the wires,
It's right for its purpose.

Those physical parts are together now,
The barrier is lifted on that flow, you must now step up on the sound.

On that front the progress is slow but steady,
it is not for lack of effort but more for a lack of light to find the way.
For I am not sure of what I am doing this time
I don't know where it will lead, or at least I am ignoring the inevitable.

I have the images in my head, the idea is formed there, but I am afraid of the time it will take never materialising.. Not wanting to let my brain down to hard. This I should ignore I know but at the moment my brain is tricking my body into believing it is all possible.

The other bombs and barriers, well they are immovable objects that must be accommodated, but the key is to appease them rather than ignore and destroy completely.

Stick to the plan, find your way and it will work out.

Oh and just ignore the rest.