Don't fix that, let it go.
Have you forgotten this bit of your brain?

Have you forgotten to look into nothing and let the edges of thinking release onto the page.
Have you forgotten? What it is like to forget. Forget to spell and to construct correctly. The thinking and the mistakes all in one place? Have you forgotten the structurally structureless thinking that let you this life of understanding. It actually added structure where there is none. It was only ever that one word ahead. Where your fingers or your brain would want to go. 1000s in seconds. Your real throughout thoughts, your thinking about thinking. It was a release.

It was a different think.

It was memory. Stop was.. was..was.. the past. think now. What is it now? And why are you analysing what was? This is supposed to be about using what you are talking about. Stop it. Get back to it.

Release. let it out. It sits in the other room waiting for you. Always looking, commenting, disrupting the ideas you have. Planning to help but not at all. It is meant well but it wrecks the whole flow. The ability to unlock, to bug out. To be totally uninhibited. Remember what that used to feel like? When you could? When it was totally disconnected?

They live a disconnected life. They know what it will all be like in the future and lay down their advice with the regrets of the past. Tainted with the regrets of the past. So easy to overshadow the happiness, the good moments.. so easily forgotten and lost in shadow. Won step ahead. The fingers do the walking.

And then I find those moments on my own and i am struck down by the expectation and understanding of the rest of planet earth... the civilians who do not understand my brain and how it works... the people of this city that do not care, the people I see every day that have no use for it... the family who embrace it... the other who manages it.

Stop managing it and let it be free. This is who they all expect.. this is who gained all of this for you. Let it out. Release. Be free. let it out and put it into what you love. The strings...the lenses... the sounds... the faces. Get up and play it loud. Let it out through your fingers and your eyes. Print it on paper. Burn it to disc. Scratch it on walls. For the paper. Rip it into existence. You know it is in there waiting. Physical. Real.

Stop wondering what everyone will think and turn that option to public. Make it all public. Forget the restraints and be complete again.