He wondered how you can start a song like that. Bam!

I looked at it all and wondered the same thing. Ultimately we three were lost in that deep fascination with the sound, and the love, and the devotion to a single thing.

We are all a little weird. Perhaps I am just creating a problem to react to at a later time. Perhaps it is all about finding an oppression to cling on to so that creativity can spring from its grasp at the last possible moment.

It shouldn't have to be that way for some things, but out of it at least greatness can emerge.

I'll stare down the barrel of that gun and tell it to pull the trigger if it means integrity is maintained. A lack of integrity surrounds so many these days.. Changes to promises and heartfelt lies.

Keep with the program no matter how long it wanes. Or how much. It will be worth it in the end.

I find myself looking to that point in the future quite often these days. That moment when I will be free. As if it is a planned moment, something that is scheduled to collide with everything else that is going on. I predicted it somehow... A few months ago... Into the years. And now it is just a matter of waiting it seems.

But it is all bullshit. And every so often I convince myself to stay the course and go a yard more... Then I get there and repeat. And rinse. And repeat. Always repeat.

But it will happen someday and it won't be like I or anyone else imagines.

I have been pulled into someone else's plan and someone's else's standard, in every facet of my life. Break that down and you will find it all again... But you'd need to be taken seriously.

And you are not right now.

"I loved getting to know you" he said. And he thought she was gone.