Another five days of distraction and torment. The good part is that it does not drive you anymore to madness, it is simply a vessel which will give you life and direction in the other sense. But you need to buck the crap for the rest of your time. Eek out the time a find the right place to present your expression.

You know what it is now, in fact you have known forever. You have just failed to grasp it at the right time. You know what it is though... Explain it to your brain, get it right.

Gallery, the right place, the right environment. Start with a single space. Isolate that place and time. The white box, the white page. The contemporary gallery where you are in control of the dimensions.

How should this be heard? Where should this be heard? What if this dimension, what if that? Accommodate for nothing but your intentions. Create the space and present it once and for all.. An installation that is unchanging but breakable. Manipulatable. Let them break it.

There are no doors, no entry points. Enter from every wall, just decide how you want it to be seen. An exhibition space.

All in their right place.

Get that sorted. Then you will have a statement.