The lights said keep going and I was escaping that room of delicate clothes and perfect forms. The light said move on and turn it up. I did. Repeating beats. Memories repeating over and over. We were there before and we talk to the ones that are there now. A lot of what I remember but it is their time. And now I am escaping at high speed and following a light. Time on my own.

And then I wonder where to stop. How far to go. Keep going and follow the lights I think. Keep going until it brings me back to where I started. Follow the lights. So I did.

But the whole aim is to see it all as fast as possible. Complete control. Neat and tidy. These beats are fantastic and loose. But neat and tidy.

They were well turned out, another class. Working folk. Enjoying their weekend, spending their money and suited up with a delicacy I had not seen in some time. Like a wedding or a graduation. Going to town was something more impressive now, or at least here it was. I was impressed anyway.

A delicate touch. Keep on driving. Escape that.

The conversation drifted to achievement. It drifted to goals and ambition. We all reinforced our positions. Yea... We're happy, right? The reality was that it can all be achieved if there is nothing holding you back... Why not go for it and see. Nobody telling you otherwise. Keep driving. Go with the lights.

Think about them. The glances. The music mixing forms and drawing attentions. The room moved with lyrics and cymbal crashes. Human mixtures. Enjoy it, they want you to... Everyone on show. Everyone showing. The glances. The judging. The levels they expect. Find the right floor and step off. Or just keep going. Keep driving. Think about another time.