It's hard to say the right thing every time, to the right set of ears, in the right tone, so that your intentions are clear. But what I said I felt was right. There are some heads I have no time for regardless and that is grand by me.

Another night of sounds that remind me of how far I am behind the bus. It left a few years ago and I chose to walk instead. 80 percent of the way there I got distracted. Now I am hauling ass. Trying to catch a speeding rocket.

Get tighter. Lots of moving parts. I heard possible brilliance but apathetic indifference. I heard rhythm changes in guitar chords that pull and push the psyche and the rest in tow. It was interesting. Interesting I said.

Was that accurate? Yes. I wanted it to sound a lot more. There I stand trying to give an opinion as if I still know. Yet I am and have been off the bus for so long it is irrelevant what I think in this situation. Keep trying.

Keep plugging away.

You will get there.