Ideas run through my head and hands faster than I can act. This is not a problem, but conversations have made it clear that the net is built on preparedness and situation. I need to sort out my situation.

This space has had some love recently, but it is not public yet. And the ideas today see it being stripped down entirely to something more narrative. I like the idea in my head, and it is not too far from the original. It is a development in fact. I should act on this one. That would result in a finished situation for the end of the line of each idea. Once they are ready they can be displayed effectively in their own place. Here.

It can also act as the calling card for those who are interested in what it is I do. That will come in time. There are still challenges to over come. Not least the ultimate challenge of time.

I think the resolution to this problem is based on one thing.. time management.

That one thing is comprised of a few others... discipline, preparedness and balance. I need to make sure I address all of these as effectively as possible. Then the rest will all happen in time.

Where should it all happen? When do I do it? How do I keep everything else happy at the same time?