It is easy to stop when the going is good, or when the mind is so occupied that there is no time to comment. I am acting on things now and resolving issues faster than before. There is a control.

Control. That has become the core concern. Delusion. Derision. These are the words coming out right now for no reason other than to comment. The struggle is with what is public and what is not, but only Iberian eyes are directing their attention this way, and only for the sake of a wayward search. Redirect, refocus, and they are gone.

Moving along that low road by the river. Realising it was all a great time in the end and wondering why I was so quick to want to leave. Living in a bubble, a circle of 8 lane passages into the heart of the machine. It was silly and immersive. It wrecked the mind and built it a new.

Everything is so controlled now.