Padding silently beside silent dreams. Interrupted by lucid happenings, this is where the weird and wonderful meet the wired and wishful.

Sinking small amounts into respected holes of money. Wishful thinking for the future. The inane desires that bring minds to the brink with false ideas of happiness and achievement. What wouldn't they do?

This slowly retreats into a misguided idea. Looking deep into the jabbering hole, it excretes lines of verbs and nouns in an endless smattering of anguish. Total and utter destruction between those teeth. The language ripped apart by inadequacy. Want to be adored.

Breaths turn to squeaks. Surrounded by objects to be adored. Impressions of legitimacy. What is wished on the whole to exist in life. That is what is wanted. Desire for the accepted look. They exist as inanimate objects and animate robots - sliding around our cities with deep pockets and deeper desires. Feeding on attention and excreting fowl opinions that take moments of lunacy to be cleaned up and forgotten. Amongst the pile a hero will emerge and a hero will be hidden and lost. The former adored for a time, the latter adored forever, and deservedly so.

Deeper draws of air now as mucus creates a repetitive friction on the walls. It can keep the soul awake with its thoughts. Thoughts that exist over hours, words over seconds, images over moments. It's is a beautiful place that allows the body to heal in a mental stasis. A beach. Lapping water. A coast that hugs the horizon. An evening sun. A walk up the shore between Palm trees to a high steep bank. A zig zag stair of wood up the slope to a balcony and pool. A view from beneath a veranda. An open space to cook eat and converse. A relaxing space to watch, play and think. Another floor and a lantern where the soul can relax. And everything is empty but for the soul.

The right place to relax the mind.

The walls have closed in and the air pulls corrosive against the pressure. The silence being maintained is pointless as the hole repeatedly shrieks.

Until the walls suddenly collapse and the flames are subdued. Readjust. Start again. A new cycle.

Longing for silence and peace. Impossible now.