Hop onto that there, when you have a chance. Slide back into it with a flow you lost on the table this eve. You knew it was lacking - but when it comes to you and you enjoy it there is nothing better.

Better next time. Get some rest.

And on the other side we look back at older murmurings from another time. A time when silence filled the room. It fills all now. And the piece fall together in the background, one at a time. And all should be updated as they go but not, why not?

Red. Grey. Pull it back.. emphasise. Get it right every time. Let it happen naturally. Let it happen at all.

And soon sounds will be clean and pure and natural. Amongst the world of sounds. Amongst the din of existence. The wash of city streets and empty rooms... the differences. The pure sounds.

Put them into the washer and feel what happens. The pure sounds feed.