Pull through the blur into straight hard lines of defined light and shade. High contrast life. Focus.

Off the track in moments of pure madness. You look down the barrel of rash decision making. It is all way beyond the truth of the matter. A glitch that can send the mainframe way off course. Focus on the reality.

And it happens instantly. It happens in conjunction with the disruption. It is seen and realised asynchronously. It is identified immediately and shown for what it really is. But does it matter? No. Does it highlight the issue? Yes.

Just focus. You've been here before and stared it down. It is a speed bump. A small glitch. Again. Knowing what needs to happen and focussing on the positives generates the solution. It's AMAZING. Knowing how this goes. Let it run the course.

See it in the mind. Across the divide. Another mind plots and disguises intentions with slow methodical thought. Disregarding the commitments and ideas of the years, months, days, hours, moments before... It is about what comes into that mind in that instant and another mind has to deal with it instantly. And grin and bare it.

Appreciation and respect comes with effort and results. Live up to both.

There was a time before, that existed in a dream. Where respect was dished out and nurtured by trained pros in a fine establishment. It created a fortress of resolve that protected and entitlement. Long broken down, it was reborn in a dream where effort and commitment was demanded. The six years in between now and then may have generated a phantom dream that was never possible... Depending on how it is perceived of course... It could also be seen as pure ambition... Something that is being sneered at by elitist zombies blinded by their own escapes. Let them have it.

Remember the phantom dream and give it solidity. Pull the gasses together and let it take over your soul once more. Don't fear the results and failures... Fear not failing at all.