Kind central focus. That paved the way for a steady ship when worse weather was expected. Head down get it done.

The key. The youth put their hands up for counting in a new country that is defined by power and excellence. The decision was not made in an effort to show power, anger, disappointment, it was what it always is. A guess.

Drops between steps, skip in front of the crowds. Get the ice, sorry for the accusation. Drink it quickly get out.

Watch the drops. Sheltered edges and small steps to the goal. Just go for it. Lays going to happen no matter what. These drapes fall around you through roughened pupils. The focus is not lost even in the late hours. The focus is not lost.

Imprints of sound, messages to record, to put into a single place together. Needs to be done soon. Drop off the ticket.

Pick it up.