You don't expect it. Then when it goes away you notice.

Appreciate the times though when perspective is afforded to weary eyes that lay waste to glowing glass. There is always time and options for everything. Touch the face of it enough times to feel the burn on your skin. The heat on your brow. Touch the edge of the folds and think about the next turn, the last turn, and the next start on a new idea.

It is the old ideas that stick in the brain and force the closed hand. Openings will come and go, exciting times ahead but now it is time to consolidate and put the head down. You can see the idea and get closed down by the intention. No action. Constantly in the head. No action.

Can't do it now. Wait and think again. It could be time to do it when the sun is lower in the sky. You expect it to disappear then. But not now.