Pick a room, any room between the two on offer. Hard to walk through that which is denied when all says the wrong one is next. Yet we made ourselves apparent to the rest and took hold of the situation. The right thing to do.

No make yourself apparent. Step up above the rest and be relevant. Relevance is subjective in a world gone mad with rankings and position.

If you position yourself on top of the rest you will forever be in control.

The ideas flow through constantly, never completed. Never time. But go there and organise your arrangements. Arrange to be in control of nothing. Nothing except contentment. Still images on walls. Quiet streets. A lens. A viewpoint. A notepad. Memories in ink. Then memories in print. Then memories and back. Back to the grind.

When is there ever a good time to go through? A flat pane. Impervious to viewers, but will give way to those that act decisively. Make yourself known and impose yourself on others. Take control. Never a good time to go through only the right time. As soon as suits all best.

So let it be as tall as it needs to be. Worry about the colour, size and direction. Go big or go home.