Which is a relief. And I look to capitalise on it before it is gone.

Today we looked at blank pages and filled them with words that put to death ideas - the kind of way a forest goes on fire and gives birth to new life. It has to be refreshed. Broken down so that it can grow back stronger.

Shaved every morning. Every week like a face. Eventually it will support itself and allow itself to be built on. Just takes time.

I hated every second spent on those sounds. Felt useless. It had no purpose. More months with names and empty noise. I wanted more meaning. It was enough then, not now. I think about purpose now, it is disarming.

This lump of metal with melt the skin off your legs. Drink it deep. It was the last stop we made. Telematic.

The man behind us had blue on. It was on all over. Shirt and tie, blue to the bone, he stood out for a smoke and applied his blue jacket to his shoulders. Then he lit up and walked away in his blue pants. I lost him in the sky. he created his own clouds.

Say the syllables.

I am going to invest now and take the hit. Put my money where my mind is. Force myself to start taking advantage of what I have.

It starts again next month.

Let's get to the next week... it will be the next stop we make. In Mexico. Get there, and make a mark and then get to the next.

Invest. This is what you do.