I wanted it to be ten years ago but it's not. It's closer than I though, but I remember thinking it was the pinnacle of what had yet been achieved. And I can still hear the achievement, it had the vibe it needed to rule.

What I hear most is the complete disconnection and inhibition. "It is times like this that I wonder what I am doing?"

But all of it sounds just like the thankless expression It had. But no escaping the truth, there for everyone to hear. Just getting it out there.

Sounded great.

Freedom was -ation less... Loved it. I wanted all of the builds and peaks. All of the slides and fades... But all I had was a pointer and a ton of time. The results are so satisfying. And it is full circle now. Back in the same place but with more at my fingertips making things and getting results. I can nearly see it now, deep inside the sound. I can see the shapes it should be but I wonder what I want to make it with and how I want it to go out there. And things sink my expression for monetary gain. I don't look for any of it but now my friends can't even expect to know about it without and little push from the pocket, it's a different time, and I watch it sit there in an empty room and wonder why it is an outlet at all if the simplest expressions are not heard.

But I think back to then, and hear these sketches and it doesn't matter, it is just a different time. A different place. A different situation. Better results. Maybe take a step out into the circular sun with a different eye on it all. Maybe take more steps back there and push it. See what happens.