Darker than it has been yet. Eyes feeling stronger. Weak light is a help but the nausea kicks in regardless. Piano loops from looping fingers kicks rhythm into the day. Another day of this and that looping through life. 7 note arpeggios every week the same with different emphasis. You could plot out the rhythm of the year through significance in days through weeks. Try it. Do it.

The echoes of the weekend persist. It was a memorable one. A significant note if ever there was one. Let people collect their days in this way. Significant? Why? Identify through sound.

Can't kick this feeling between my eyes. She wears blue jeans like all the rest. Clean the screen and dip your head into the box. Everyones at it. Short sniffs through blocked noses. That goes around. It makes us stronger. Black shapes on deep blue. Lines along my path. The metal rhythms take me home to ovens full of food. The light flashed by from another journey. A man talks into his phone making plans for another day. Another place. A northern accent. Different plans. Different people. The same name.

All of these windows with a story. "Hi mum" she says to another voice in another window. We all gravitate to the light. Plans made "bye" she says. Door closes and we're off with a tug from on front. Machines bring us along.

Plans made. Mine this time. To another person in another window. And i will see those mirrors later that have seen a world built and destroyed down a hallway. Eyes on a wall built for beauty and memory.

I reach the water side.