Repeating tones in my head. Moving out of the bust. Along rail. Towards glass bowls and crashing waves. From the sky it lands today soft. Looks heavier than now. Looks like it crashed like these tones in my head. Hammers pound pumice stones from the core.

Dripping on glass. Every inch another drop moving back against the flow. Holding on to the city as it fades in the mist.

He has no reason to close himself in that way. They talk hopefully, with chit chat suitable for the chance meeting. Bother on the same level. All heard between pounds of tone. Just feeling. Just sentiment and vocal signals. They work well. She drops the hint. And he responds alike, trying. They get it. Its nice. But she will be there on the Saturday after work and now he knows. Never had to do anything else. Just hints.

We all drink.

you been there before? You didn't wven know what he was saying. Absolute dump.

That is all i remember. And then i woke up.

Saturday morning i was in bits. I spent the whole day on the couch. I wasn't very bad. What time did i get out. Three? I called my uncle. He was disappointed. He was giving out. Its just me now.

In full flow. It hails heavier now. Repeating like the keys. Filling up the gaps. She complies. Sees the opportunities and gives him a look in.

Maybe they are old friends and they are just on the level. You know. Chill.

He went to the same place.

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