Its the next one. But you can get out and get it then. Feet full of water puddles in the way of open doors while in full flight. Achievement unlocked at cost and the rails take me away again. But hitting good notes right now and the horizon is clear. Two days in focus. Two days to come together again after a long time.

The library. Waves upon waves. And she has a bright bag of orange purple and blue with flecks or white. Clean the glass with a cloth. Condensation between in and out. The rain comes down on the window to my right. Yea he says it will be worth it. And a passage through the mist to home. The last stop before the next starting point. I can feel it seep through my inner layers now. A film of cool on four digits. It will make itself known in the movement. This is the fastest way. The next stop. This is me. This is home. This is how she passed the time while stuck in an attic her home. This was her. The photos of the past. This will be the next direction. Off track. Thumping in sections one at a time. She uses a pen. With the correct style. Graceful right handed. The practice that takes effect on us all in our own way. You can be in the wrong spot looking for an outlet. Hitting bum notes and losing the run of yourself. Just sitting tight until the right opportunity presents itself. Make your mark and leave. Find the right hole and dig before you dig this one too deep to leave.

You didn't even see it. Waiting in the street light. Platform puddle. Takes me in.