Finding the right buttons to put with a chunk of stuff. The stuff we all just throw out in to the abyss. Data waste, empty, meaningless, the low grade shit from our brains to feed the masses every day, every hour, every minute, every moment. It is the sickening crap that we feel we need. We crave it on toilet seats, on train seats, on long walks, on long conversations, the next bit of information you never knew and will never use again. Feed my head. Turn the page. What was that? Sorry I wasn't listening.

So what buttons are good for it? Worthless data all over again. Maybe a stand should be taken on this. Data worth sharing on topics worth reading about to an audience worth writing for. Getting that message across to the right people.

And I look through my data stream wondering how much shite it conceals. The images of a moment in time. The moments treasured by one and seen by others, only I know the other side of the eye. The sounds shapes and feelings between the pixels. Yet it emotes another feeling in another person and it gifts that through tiny screens on toilet seats. Leafing through webpages and toilet roll. What is next.

I will consume as much as you will provide. I will look past every 15 and stop briefly to check out the one different thing. Endless streams of shite. Worth observing for a second. Pick the right buttons for this stuff. Think carefully about what is worth it. Think carefully about how much time it all deserves, and how much time you deserve to give it.

It is all too easy now.