He came for the first time on to the pitch and owned like usual the buttons and keys between his fingers like he always did. On the end of a pearl wagon.

Looking at another world. His turned upside down. Off the wagon. The silver light through slits in the wall, you saw it come at you faster than a ton of bricks and the walls beside you lift up to another place. Double height. Oh they will be jealous under fluorescent lighting, under the oppression of expectant working.

The times it used to be done, on time, all the time, slowing down to make it work, slowing down and tightening up it lasts longer, it lets you last longer, go for longer. The ultimate goal is endurance. How long will you be expected to live on this planet.

And we were sent the five questions to let the world work for you. That is all it is in the end. In those dark rooms pounding against the air, wanting to escape. You are searching for the answer to those five questions. Answers we all know instantly, or must know, but do not want to admit for it will unhinge the world around us, like a top heavy cart on a rail... over the crevasse we fall, you fall, i fall. Just the one, and those you bring with. But the five questions have power like that.

Answer them wisely.

Hours spent working on your answer. They come thick and fast.

You are better at this now you are. Good.