There will be people you meet in life. They talk and talk. At others. Not with. Suffer.

There will be tasks that must be engaged with at full force. With no end. Constant repetition. The same again. Never learned. Repeat.

Build great towers out of these. Build solid architecture. Foundations to rise above. Solid. Master and release. Gain beyond ability. Insert more.

I will meet the people i woke with between stone walls in a bunker not far from here. Sunlight through ancient structures and medieval texts. The toast off aged books. Vanilla memories. The pigments in my imagination, dreams that came before that time, surrounded by walking tomes of intelligence. They brought light in.

Now surrounded by others on a different path, all originating in a bunker above the world. Shaping expectations and saying lines as yet unspoken to those that want to know. To know what it was like. Who was he? Any good?

Purple bands across the rim of your face reflected on waterways in the heart of the city. I can only imagine from a track. Coffee cups dance in the flow. Eastern sounds through ear cups the soundtrack. Impact. And the drop. Know it too well. The feint hint of piss from a corner somewhere. Somewere nearby maybe. Building to something new.

It gets dark again, as it always does on a 365 step frequency modulated cycle. Calculated by those with time, to predict time better. Clarity. A red glow off her hair. Cocked head pears bemused into a black screen. Where are the answers? The answers should be obvious.

They dance around my feet now. Revealing a smell more accustomed to petrol stations and office hangouts. The arrangements.

Nervous boy in trainers against a red wall bites his nails with uncertainty. I love how the light hits that hue there.

Continue those shapes tonight. Find the right one. Dip into the darkness to where the waves splash unseen. Black sands underfoot as the stars hide behind clouds of dark. No dancing in the sky tonight. Just the smell of coffee as she peers into the empty black. Bemused.

...wondering where the answers are.