The vibrations from a celestial body in electromagnetic spectrum. Translate that into our universe so that we can relate. It is a visualisation for the ears. The best way we know how to describe it to ourselves. To measure it. To relate as best we can to the other things that exist outside of our sensual capabilities.

But it feels wrong, those ways, those translations. It is lost in that translation, the reality of it. We project beauty onto it, we associate it with what we know exists rather than what it actually is. Not sound. It's a vibration beyond us. In us right now. And leaving us, right now. Not sound. Not beautiful. Not a projection, not a method of association. Vibrations in another space and time.

The irrelevance. The constant update. The want to get it again. Get it new. Get it fresh. Pulling the trigger to get the result that is not needed nor desired. But do it anyway to get from 6 to 9 without worrying about 9 to 5. One more to the expanse beyond. The three big ones including the bonus ball. The one that lessens the results but maximises the profits. One beyond that.

It doesn't matter when you stick your head into that wave, the chance is so small. The results are so unimaginable. You are better on the grassy side where the roots are soil deep and the soul is clean and clear. Fresh air and empty pockets will treat you well.

Expectations. Relate to the universe. An unknown desire to know. Vibrations in a medium and beyond a vacuum. Air to breath and data to consume. I watched them pass across a circle on the sky. Faster than I knew it could. Feeling the earth rotate against a glittered roof. Feeling the space we are in for the first time and realising the speed of our existence. The insignificance of it all. You had to be quick and sharp. The colours were subtly different. Greener and yellower. Not white. But blue and red. Floating. Moving. Projected from my eyes to the sky.