Including the tags that are superfluous, did you get it right? Do enough this time around? Waiting on the corner for the right runner. Knowing you are doing enough. But not. Tiny figures of pieces echo the most important parts of the past. And throwaway comments from another version of you get echoed in the present as notifications throw a wet cloth on dirty surfaces.

Ideals are peaceful. History is violent. It was hyperrealistic. An exaggerated view. Find another double consonant for effect.

A fatigue sets in during the process. The stop starts invite distraction. No momentum gathered to secure a constant process. Diligence is required to see it through. Discipline. Get over the line. There is a list of tasks in your head to complete. Get on that before they are gone. Write it down.

The transit brings inspiration. Different faces and features bring new light. The views on a world less known. Today saw the familiar and the let down. Do it again. Open it up and clean it out.

Get the sound.


Where were they off to? The same as everyone else, downwards.