I covered your face with a music peel. Crossed legs and a fist drop. Pounding the course, predetermined and hard fought. The well known verses. Distracted through dropouts in sound, the forever struggle. And i think how best to proceed and which angles to take. How to make the most of what time is available. How to be on top of it all. How to hide your words behind other words. Covert. Brown hair. Crossed legs. Face covered in paint. Not yet. Too early. What season is it now.

The punishing weather. Blue fingers. Again. Comes round again. And the song will change like it all. Hard to stop. Plotting your own path, just go and do it. Dont bother the patience of another. You know. Nothing forgotten. Everything covered. This one is.serious. Good to see you, Sir. How are you? Good to have you back. It gets worse. Green jacket and wires, hanging from your face. Familiar cinematic. Star like. Skywards. Wonder what it would be like to get closer to that and know it. Probably sounds like a foghorn up close. Not worth the effort.

Have you ever heard the sound of the Sun? It does not mince its words. He is already on the ball. Tickets are 15 big ones. Get on it. All about being on the right team.

When you sit down with them know their ideas before they know yours. Peal in the night under street lamps piercing the coldest air so far this Winter. That time of year again. This train is for Winter, Hiver, next station is a loop. Welcome.

But i want to get closer and try it out. Keep it in view. Not miss it. Figure it out. See ya.

Forgot that bit.