What did you do today? Sandwiched between the walls. Cold. Listening to 50years ago and any minute now. What did you first think this morning?Watching field flies float between hats and heads on a town bound train. What did you first think between the covers?

It was a good move to set that aside. A good move to put order on that mess. A good move to concentrate on the main issues at hand.

What did you think? Floating under a shower of heat with toes twitching in the thaw. Pulling string through the holes and hats in a bag. What did you wonder?

You were late. Late up. But fed. Too warm. But not cold. Sweating. But on board. Poorer. But charged. Thinking about the tasks. Concentrating on the next hour and the one after that. Anticipating a visit. Slipping into dreams of a freedom. Thinking. What if? Checking out. In the right place.

Memories through a glass wall heading home. That is what it meant.

You did good. And you cracked you neck with a grin.